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Tutors for Fortnite!

August 3, 2018 News Dr. Kale Johnson

Parents are spending more money on all sorts of tutoring to give their children a leg up these days, but one subject you wouldn't expect-video games! As the perception of video games quickly changes from brain-numbing time wasters to legitimate alternative to sports and other extracurriculars, parents are more often seeking help to make their children into competitive gamers. One of the most popular games right now, Fortnite, is seeing a boom in new tutors being hired to hone the skills of children and parents alike.

In the battle royale style scenario of 100 starting competitors with only 1 winner, each round of Fortnite is unsurprisingly difficult to win. But winning is what players want, and what many parents are finding they want for their children, not unlike any other aspect of their life. That is where Fortnite tutors can help. Just like a sports coach or math tutor, Fortnite tutors are giving aspiring gamers a leg up in this fun new world.

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