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Cody Heulsman on Being a Milford Music Instructor

August 7, 2018 Profiles Dr. Kale Johnson

Cody Huelsman is an inspiring local to Milford, CT, who has taken his professional life into his own hands. He grew up in New Haven, CT, and currently lives on the west shore of West Haven. He is a musician and a talented salesmen and entrepreneur, and I recently asked Cody a few questions about what he’s done to give himself more personal freedom.

KJ: You used to work in management. What didn’t you like about it? What inspired you to move on?

CH: I used to work as a store manager in a major retail pharmacy chain, I left this field of work to pursue a more entrepreneurial focus in my life working as a real estate professional as well as a freelance musician who also teaches music to students around the state of Connecticut.

KJ: What instruments do you play?

CH: I play guitar and drums but have always found it easy to pick up any instrument.

KJ: What do you do now professionally?

CH: Professionally I am an agent at William Raveis Real Estate as well a freelance writer, performer (guitar and drums) and music instructor.

KJ: What sort of private lessons have you given?

CH: I have given private lessons in guitar and drums both in person and through video.

KJ: Where do you usually give lessons?

CH: I travel to the student or the student may come to me (video lessons available) ... I have no preference on where or how I give a lesson but with the way the world is going, having that digital format is a plus for students who can’t be reached via a car locally!

KJ: What inspires you?

CH: I get inspired watching other musicians. Everyone is different, and I like learning about them through their style of play. You can learn something new about someone by understanding their emotions through their music. That form of communication inspires me.

KJ: Any thoughts on private lessons?

CH: Private lessons are great because they allow the teacher to give their student 100% of their attention and focus on what the students’ needs are and where they can help grow their skills with their instrument. If you practice every day and stay focused, it becomes easier.

KJ: Cody, thanks for taking the time to give us some insight into how you’ve made some of your passions into moneymakers. I really appreciate it! Make sure to look for Cody on Iplusone in the New Haven area if you need private guitar, drum, or audio engineering lessons, and check out Cody Huelsman Real Estate, and Cody on Instagram.



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