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Five Hobbies that will Improve Your Life Forever

August 7, 2018 Voices Dr. Kale Johnson

There are certain skills that are just nice to have. They can improve your quality of life, and stick with you forever. Here are five hobbies worth learning ASAP.

1. Tennis
Nothing is more important to your happiness than your own health, and staying fit is a big factor in staying healthy. There are a lot of ways to stay fit, but none are as versatile and playable at any age while being physically demanding as tennis. Great for your heart, easy on your joints, with outdoor and indoor courts available to most people, it’s hard to find a reason not to learn tennis (and you only need one other person to play with!). On top of it all, tennis requires practice and is a skill that you will never stop trying to improve. You will be working to improve you serve, forehand and backhand into retirement.

2. Woodworking
The aromatic smell of cedar shavings and the crisp sound of wood being carved and sanded can do wonders for relieving stress—one of the most important factors in a healthy lifestyle that is often overlooked. Woodworking, and learning to make things with your hands in general, is a skill that will bring you a lot of joy and attention from your friends. Your finished works make meaningful gifts, and your children and grandchildren will have keepsakes to remember you by. Use scraps of wood from other projects and friends and turn them into works of art—you can even sell them! This is a skill that will stick with you forever.

3. Photography
Most of us don’t get nearly as much vacation as we’d like. When we do take a break, there are few things that can take the mind off the office like observing the beauty of the world around you. Make those precious moments count even more by taking photographs that are worth saving and even hanging on your wall. There is a lot more than you think that goes into making a good picture, whether you like taking photographs on your iphone or your DSLR. The frame, the subject, the light, the exposure, the flash. Take that photo of a lifetime, and then take a bunch more!

4. Personal Finance
Not everyone’s idea of a hobby, this makes the list because if done properly, it can allow you to live your life to the fullest and can even be therapeutic in it’s own right. There is something deeply soothing knowing that your nest egg is healthy and growing and waiting for you whenever you need it. Tear down that intimidating stigma—learning many of these skills is far easier than you would think. Learning personal finance will help you throughout your life, and instead of paying your retirement money to a broker, you’ll be drinking wine in Italy.

5. Painting
Painting is a wonderful hobby because you can do it anywhere, anytime, and with very little cost. There are countless ways to paint and things to paint on, only limited by your creativity. It allows you to express yourself in a way that you may not experience in any other aspect of your life and is something that you have full control over. You can sell it, hang it on the wall, paint plates and bowls for your kitchen. It is great to do on vacation, or after work, and can be a great social activity to do with your friends as well. Learn to paint, and you don’t ever have to be bored again!



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