Does it cost money to sign-up?

Sign-up is free for everyone!

How do I take a lesson?

Taking a lesson is easy. Really easy. Sign in, use our simple search tool to find instructors in your area, book the session. No messing around with back-and-forths. Once a session is scheduled, you can chat with your instructor to plan the session in more detail. Payment is easily handled through our payment processing partner Stripe; Iplusone does not save any of your sensitive financial or personal information.

How is iplusone different from other on-demand instruction sites?

We are the only in-person, on-demand instruction service. In other words, students are able to book sessions as they find them. We want to make our community a place where people feel more open to sharing what they know with each other. So we don't take a huge fee from our instructors like other sites, we have no membership fees for either instructors or students, no tiered fees and provide all the tools needed to seamlessly connect and learn.

Does iplusone support online sessions?

Not directly. We're currently focused on in-person sessions. However, if an industrious instructor wants to use our tools to find people and set up online sessions, please do!

How much can I make by referring others?

There is no limit. As an example, let's say you send invites to 5 people and they all become instructors. If they each teach 25 lessons at $40 (a normal to low price) during a month, you'll earn $50. If they do that every month, you'll earn $600 in a year. If they do that for 100 years, you'll have earned $60,000 that century. If you referred 100 people, instead of 5, you'd have gotten $1.2M that century. And joking aside, notice that you don't have to teach anything to make quite a bit of money!

How many coupons can I earn and give?

As many as you want. Every person that uses your invite code gets a 10% off coupon, earning you a 10% off coupon as well.

Who is Iplusone?

David, Kale, and Trevor

As an instructor...

How do I choose what I want to teach?

Most people automatically associate private instruction with academics, but we're encouraging people to think outside of that mold and offer to teach somebody anything that they feel they know a considerable amount about. It could be anything from an art, a sport, a craft, a life skill, and of course, academics. As an instructor you can use our locations feature to simultaneously set where and what you want to teach.

How do I set my schedule?

Each location is coupled with it's own schedule. This allows you the most flexibility to teach multiple activities that might require different settings. For example, you may want to offer tennis lessons at the court across the street from the library where you're giving biology lessons. Or you may only want to teach snowboarding in the morning at the ski hill and guitar in the evenings at the studio.

Where should I give my lessons?

Choose a place that's convenient and familiar to you. Depending on what your teaching, it could be a library, a tennis court, or your living room. We recommend meeting new people in a public place.

How does iplusone make money?

We take a 15% cut from instructors' sessions (5% for our payment processor, Stripe). This is the lowest in the on-demand, in-person instruction industry!

Dislike something about the site or service? How can we make it better?

We'd love to hear from you.



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